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IN THIS EPISODE: In October, 2023 Paranormality Magazine came out with a short article listing what they believed to be the top ten UFO sightings of all time. It was a short article, just a page or so, mostly just a list… and not listed in any particular order – just the top ten in their opinion. But I thought it’d be fun to expand on each one of those entries and bring a fuller picture… and I’ve arranged them in order of year… from oldest to newest.

  • Paranormality Magazine article:
  • Halt, Charles. “Halt Memo,” January 1981, archived by the UK National Archives.
  • Penniston, Jim, and John Burroughs. “Encounter in Rendlesham Forest.” Thomas & Mercer, 2014.
  • BBC News. “Rendlesham Forest: ‘Britain’s Roswell’ UFO spotted off Suffolk coast,” September 2011.
  • Pope, Nick. “You Can’t Tell the People.” Pan Books, 2001 – A book by a former MoD UFO investigator discussing the cover-ups and inside stories of the British government’s responses to UFO sightings, including the Rendlesham Forest incident.
  • Bruni, Georgina. “You Can’t Tell the People: The Definitive Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Mystery.” Sidgwick & Jackson, 2000.
  • SOBEPS Reports on the Belgian UFO Wave
  • Interview with Colonel Wilfried De Brouwer
  • “Belgium in UFO Fever” – Brussels Times
  • “The Cash-Landrum UFO Incident,” by John F. Schuessler, provides an extensive analysis of the event, including medical records and witness testimonies.
  • “UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry,” a comprehensive study by Michael Swords and others, details the government’s response to UFO sightings, including the Cash-Landrum case.
  • “Fire in the Sky: The Cash-Landrum UFO Incident,” an article in the MUFON UFO Journal that revisits the incident, detailing the investigation and subsequent legal battle.
  • “Westall ’66: A Suburban UFO Mystery,” a documentary by Shane Ryan, explores the events through witness testimonies and expert interviews.
  • “The Westall UFO: A Suburban Mystery,” a book by Keith Basterfield, provides a detailed account of the sighting, including the social and governmental context.
  • Articles and interviews archived by the Victorian UFO Action group, which has collected and analyzed first-hand accounts from witnesses and former students of Westall High School.
  • U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency Report: This declassified document provides a detailed account of the Tehran UFO Incident, including descriptions from the pilots and ground control.
  • “Iranian Jet Chased UFO, Got Light Show”: This article in the New York Times archives covers the public’s reaction and the international reporting following the incident.
  • Interview with Lt. Parviz Jafari: Several interviews with Jafari provide first-hand accounts of the encounter, including technical details of the aircraft’s malfunctions.
  • CIA Document on the Tehran UFO Incident: A collection of declassified CIA documents that discuss the implications of the encounter and its analysis by various intelligence agencies.
  • The New York Times: Articles from December 2017 that first revealed the Nimitz encounter to the public.
  • Department of Defense Releases: Official statements and declassified videos of the encounters.
  • Interviews with Commander David Fravor: His firsthand accounts provide detailed observations of the encounter.
  • “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation” on History Channel: This television series features interviews with the pilots and analysis of the encounters.
  • Raymond E. Fowler, the investigator and author of “The Allagash Abductions: Undeniable Evidence of Alien Intervention,” which details the incident and the hypnosis sessions.
  • Interviews and Appearances: The men involved have given numerous interviews and appeared on various television programs to recount their experiences.
  • “Unsolved Mysteries” Television Series: Featured the Allagash abductions, providing a dramatized account and interviews with the witnesses.
  • Skeptical Analysis by Robert Sheaffer and others, who critique the method of hypnosis used and the financial aspects related to the publicity of the case.
  • “The Pascagoula UFO Incident” by Charles Hickson – Hickson wrote a detailed account of his experience.
  • “UFOs: Past, Present, and Future” by Robert Emenegger – Includes interviews and analysis of the Pascagoula incident.
  • Interviews and documentaries – Multiple television programs and documentaries have featured interviews with the witnesses and analyses by UFO researchers.
  • Articles in major newspapers – Numerous articles were written at the time in publications like the Washington Post and New York Times, providing contemporary accounts of the events and follow-ups.

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